I am a guitar teacher and performer in the San Francisco
Bay area.  Teaching, sharing, being a mentor to my
students is my first and best calling.  My students benefit
from a lifetime of experiences in these fields.  I give each
student a customized lesson that will bring you closer to
your goals.  If you are very serious and want a more
formal, traditional education in music, I can help you.  
With a little splash of humor, I can make it fun for you.   
I am an encouraging type teacher and  I also work well
with kids of all ages.  
I teach reading notation and tabs, school jazz band charts,
music theory, ear training, improvisation.  All styles.
If you have specific songs, tunes, or techniques you would
like to learn from CD's or MP3's, bring them in!  
My favorite styles are jazz, rock, blues...well...everything.  
I also teach and play finger style solo guitar.

Some of my favorite musicians are Bill Evans, Charlie
Parker, Tal Farlow, Jeff Beck, Eddie Van Halen, Wayne
Krantz, John Mayor, and thousands more.
I have been teaching since 1980 and started playing gigs
with a twenty piece jazz band  at the age of 13!
John Epp
Sedona, AZ
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